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The CPA WebTrust Program:
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The CPA WebTrust Program was developed to meet two critical needs in the expanding online marketplace--consistent standards and consumer trust. Understanding these needs can help you understand why the CPA WebTrust Seal can add real value to a web site.

As more and more companies tap into the enormous market that can be accessed easily and inexpensively through the world-wide web, it's become clear that there's a need for consistent standards for electronic commerce.

Few consumers feel completely comfortable buying online from companies that only seem to exist somewhere "out there" in cyberspace. They don't know where their money is going; they don't know whether the product they ordered will arrive; they don't even know for sure whether the company exists. And one bad experience is all it takes to keep them from shopping the web again.

With the CPA WebTrust Program, however, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has worked to establish sound principles and criteria for how business should be transacted on the web. They're developed an objective system for evaluating whether commercial web sites meet these principles and criteria. And they've developed a secure seal that can be placed on a web site to show customers at a glance that this is an online business they can trust. In the end, the program can translate into more secure online business transactions every day.

"Lack of security is the number one reason given by nonbuyers for not purchasing products online." - Yankelovich survey

Source: cpawebtrust.org

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