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What makes our firm different?

During their years in public accounting as well as in the private sector, the principals of CHC have been providing meaningful information to decision makers, and, as company owners, they have a unique understanding of the critical issues facing businesses and consumers.

How can we help your business?

As more and more companies expand, merge, consolidate and acquire other companies, they are finding that the traditional way of competing is evolving in directions unheard of just a few short years ago. Telecommuting, electronic commerce, flextime, job sharing, and home based businesses, all lead to exciting challenges for business owners and top level management. We work hard to be your partner in this progress which is why we go beyond the preparation of financial statements and tax returns. At CHC we offer numerous other business services, designed to help you, your top managers and your company grow and prosper.

As computer technology becomes more and more innovative, powerful and affordable, everyone, from software development companies on down is impacted. Education has become a lifelong necessity which is why CHC also provides technology training, from one on one specialized learning to classroom style seminars.

How much is too much technology?

At CHC we understand that our clients often need to be on the cutting edge of technological change, while at the same time harboring resources to remain competitive. In our business consulting practice, we strive to offer solutions that are cost effective as well as innovative.

Our approach has always been to remain personally involved with our clients, sometimes pushing change, but always respecting methods that have lead to success in the past. We are interested in technology that improves performance and profitabliity without sacrificing the quality of life that we cherish.

At CHC we intend to remain in the forefront of today's changing environment without jeopardizing the personal relationships that have been the traditional strength of the public accounting profession.

We are Not what You Expect!


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Business Consulting

At CHC we go beyond the numbers and help you analyze what your financial statements can tell you about your business. Are you running at par with industry averages? Are you showing a cost of goods percentage that leads to healthy bottom line? Are you maximizing your employees' potential and offering the fringe benefits and other workplace amenities to help you retain your best workers? Often it seems that the production of financial statements becomes the end itself, but at CHC they are just the starting point.

In addition, we can assist you with your hardware and software needs and supply training on various accounting, spreadsheet and communications packages. Don't know what you need? We can help you ascertain which programs would serve your needs best, and which would be the most cost efficient for your business.

Don't know how to get started to keep track of your inventory or purchases? Not sure whether you are out of stock in a critical item or want to maintain a "just in time" reorder sytem? At CHC we can help!

Do you need to track job costs?

Are you running a contract that has other requirements such as allowable overhead allocation or acceptable overrun approval procedures? At CHC we can help you set up controls and systems to track these and other items. We will assist you in defining your needs.


But most important -- at CHC we listen.